It’s the early nineteen nineties and after a millenial slumber three Classical Ancient Furies are resurrected and re-imagined living in a flat somewhere within the Bowels of Hell. In the guise of modern women, Allecto (or ‘Unceasing in Anger’), Tisiphone (the ‘Vengeful One’) and Megaera (the ‘Green Eyed - Monster’) find themselves sullenly sitting around a table, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes and playing cards. Unsurprisingly, the evening will devolve into all out fiery war as three age-old tempers are steadily reaching boiling point.
Hell Hath No Fury // Running time: Aprox. 3 mins // Year: 2018 // Format: Digital // Technique: 2D digital animation
Directed & Animated by ....... Kitty Faingold 
Music by ....... Max Mannone 
Sound design & mix by ....... Max Mannone 
Produced by ....... A KING FOR A DAY 
A short film that wonders what it’s like to be *only* a conscious figment in someone else’s imagination..?

A fully grown new born woman is birthed into a hazy summer’s garden. A rose daemon is hiding in the bushes. It takes her hand and together they wander into an ominous bodily building. In a room, there’s a mirror. The glassy surface reflects a ripple of reality and the woman sees that behind her own eyes a homunculus is looking back out at her. There is someone else in her mind!
In sheer terror, brick becomes flesh as she races through the building eager to escape the ghastly Mirror. She exits through a gaping red mouth and crawls out onto a giant sleeping body in the dead of night. Quickly does she realise the dreadful truth; this dreaming snoring giant is her Creator. She is in (or of) its mind. As a locked-in inhabitant of its dreamworld, once it stirs she will cease to exist.
Quietly, she crawls back into the giant’s mind through an eyeball, yearning to live a little longer.
Yeah.. but what’s it all ABOUT?
“Like galaxies around the multi-verse, the ideas behind this film whirl around different understandings of consciousness. We shall brush up against philosophical notions of subjectivity, the reality of individual experience, the nature of consciousness and the psyche as we follow the hapless adventure of our anonymous heroine. Set in a dreamscape, there are allusions to surrealism and magical re- alism within the art world too. There is no concrete answer, mes- sage or morale being preached in this piece: as the author I would like to allow an openness so that the audience can project onto it whatever meaning they may find, although I would like for the story to nudge them in the general direction of “hmmm.. what is consciousness?”. As a plan B, I would like for them to simply enjoy the visual journey, with a pinch of humour and an attempt at existentialist psychological horror.”
- Kitty Faingold
BODY WORLD // Running time: 7:11 mins // Year: 2017 // Format: Digital // Technique: 2D digital animation
Directed and Animated ... Kitty Faingold
Sound Design ... Amadeo Faingold
Mixing and Mastering ... Max Mannone
Colouring ... Kitty Faingold, Dal Park, Zitong Mai, Deandra Asara & Andy Cheung
Special thanks to Tim Webb, Joe King, Birgitta Hosea, Marian Mentrup and Sylvie Bringas
Produced at the © Royal College of Art, 2017
An absurd thriller, SubRosa is loosely based on an ancient mystery religion. Somehow, somewhere, in the 1970s, a vampiric Mesopotamian goddess is alive and well and preying on anonymous and unsus- pecting male victims. In the heat of an obstruse fertility rite she lures them to her kitsch Ziggurat temple-home for an enchanted yet deadly candle lit dinner. Lovemaking is interrupted as the wicked plot unravels, the Temptress has summoned her bewitched and muscly High Priests to heed her bidding in a secret millennial conspiracy. Even the strawberries are in on it!
Duration  - 05:04 // Year: 2016 // Format: Digital // Technique: 2D Digital Animation
Produced at the © Royal College of Art
Directed & Animated....Kitty Faingold 
Music & Sound Design...Amadeo Faingold 
Mixing & Mastering...Mike Wyeld & Max Mannone